All fingers point at Israel for Christmas Day strikes in Syria

It was around 4:30 PM on Christmas Day that reports of Syrian Anti-Aircraft fire began to come in through twitter and DMs. Initial reports were showing reports of explosions being heard above the Damascus area of Syria.

Video from Twitter showing air defense missiles being fired over Damascus

Israel, during the middle of the incident then activated it’s own air defense system pointed against a missile launched from Syria, which turned out to be an air defense missile. No injuries or damage was reported from this specific incident. (YNET)

The Syrian-run state media news agency “SANA” reported that the Syrian Air Defense system was activated to down missiles fired by Israeli jets that were airborne over Lebanese territory. They also stated they were able to shoot down most of the missiles before they reached their target. SANA then stated three Syrian soldiers were wounded and damaged was caused to an ammunition depot. (YNET)

It would appear the primary target of this incident was an Iranian cargo jet that landed inside of Damascus. Israel frequently targets these aircraft whenever they land in Syria, as most of the time they believe the aircraft to be carrying weapons to be used against them.

Prime Minister Netanyahu recently stated that Israel would escalate its fight against Iranian-backed forces inside of Syria with the United States announcing their withdraw from the area.

The Christmas Day attacks were the most intense attacks from Israel inside of Syria since the incident involving the downing of a Russian jet over Latakia back in September.

In total, Israel destroyed a large ammo warehouse and vehicles located inside of a Syrian Army base just southwest of Damascus. (@QalaatAlMudiq)

Image shown as the featured image is courtesy of a video from QalaatAlMudiq on Twitter showing anti-aircraft fire.

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