#BREAKING: Israel striking Syrian Airbase

At about 5:59 PM EST it broke news that Syrian Air Defense fired multiple missiles at Israeli warplanes that had apparently flown into Syria from Lebanon. It wasn’t much later that more reports came out that the Al-Shayrat airbase was being hit by multiple missiles. The Syrian military has reportedly attempted to intercept multiple missiles launched from Israel, they’re reporting they’ve intercepted them all but as known previously the Syrian’s tend to exaggerate their reports of missile interceptions. It’s rumored that both al-Shayrat airbase and the T-4 airbase are being hit at the same time, I’ll continue to post updates on my twitter account @inteldoge.

1 thought on “#BREAKING: Israel striking Syrian Airbase

  1. At this point it’s a very fluid situation and the amount of rumored intelligence coming in at the moment is insane. I’m working very hard to distinguish facts from lies.

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