Chaos on the Gaza Strip

It’s been several days now since chaos broke out near the Gaza Strip, on the day that the President of the United States was set to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem hundreds of Palestinians gathered at the Gaza border to protest it and a few other things. One of the main reasons for the protests was that the day was the “Great March of Return” day. It sent thousands of people (I believe the numbers were around 10,000) to the border to protest some things. One of the main things was that they demanded Palestinian refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to what is now Israel. They were also protesting the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the United States decision to move the Us Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. The goals for the Palestinians was to breach the border, lift the blockade, and to achieve the right of return. However, they were met with heavy Israeli resistance. Israeli military claims there were around 35,000 people participating in the protests at 12 separate locations in Gaza, with thousands more approaching the fence bordering the Gaza Strip and Israel. Israeli gunfire injured approximately 448 Palestinians, 41 people were killed and 3 of the 41 were carrying explosive charges to detonate and destroy the fence. The United Nations has called for a independent investigation into the incident but it was vetoed. Israel has claimed these protests were going on under the cover of Hamas, claiming Hamas wanted to “launch attacks against Israel”. Israel has bombed approximately 6 outposts claimed by Hamas over the past few days in retaliation for these protests. I’ll be updating everything over on my Twitter account @IntelDoge as I get more information.


Thanks @GlobalMilitaryInfo for giving me a brief refresher on the incident.

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