Q: IntelDoge, how do you track military planes all the time?

A:If you’re wondering how I tracked military flights all across the world, the main method I use is by using ADSBExchange. In my opinion it’s the best site available currently for tracking military/civilian flights over the internet, and the best part of it is it’s free! Now, if you’re wondering how you set it up here’s the best way. First, head to the website by clicking https://www.adsbexchange.com  <  there. Then, on the right side of the website you’ll see an area that says “Currently tracking XXXX aircraft” click on that. It’ll then bring you to a page showing all the civilian and military aircraft airborne. “But IntelDoge, I only want to see military planes!” Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Click “Menu” at the top left area of the screen, from there select “Options” and then select “Filters”. Then, select the “Enable filters” box, and click the drop down, select “Military” and then click “Add Filter”. You’ll see the military filter now. Select the check box on the left side of “Military” and let the map update. Congratulations, you can now see military planes.

Q: IntelDoge, who are the best people to follow on Twitter?

A: Well, I follow numerous sources for the information I get. Typically, I tell people to refer to my “Following” list on Twitter for some of the sources I follow. However, I’ll simply post it here to make it a little bit easier for people. I follow the following accounts for North Korea information.

@IdeologyWars, @redanblacattack, @AircraftSpots, @CivMilAir, @IntelCrab, @StratSentinel, @ISNJH, @JChengWSJ, @willripleyCNN, @Global_Mil_Info, @ELINTNews, @MarkII_swl, @W7VOA, @inside_nk, @intellipus, and @YonhapNews. In my opinion these accounts are the best people to follow for North Korea information. 

I follow the following accounts for information on anything else including Middle Eastern conflicts or conflicts involving Russia or Ukraine. Or, information coming from the United States about things there, or just general information.

@BBCBreaking, @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, @AFP, @VP, @SkyKingInfo, @PMBreakingNews, @POTUS_Schedule, @Breaking911, @Dannymakkisyria, @aali4573, @QalaatAlMudiq, @WithinSyriaBlog, @i24NEWS_EN, @Syrian_SR, @AlSuraEnglish, @OccuPalGaza, @TheIsraelink, @NarangVipin, @lookner, @paldf, @IsraelHatzolah, @sfrantzman, @TheMossadIL, @InstaNewsAlerts and @steffanwatkins