Indian fighter jet pilot released by Pakistan

An Indian fighter jet pilot that was captured by Pakistani soldiers after his jet was downed over the area was released earlier today and transferred over to Indian military officials.

Wing Commander Abhinandan was flying his jet over the Kashmir area and engaged in a dogfight with Pakistani jets when his plane was shot down. Pakistani soldiers on the ground captured him as he was being beaten by Pakistani civilians and immediately took him for questioning.

The Indian pilot was heard thanking the Pakistani soldiers for their “kindness” and said that he respected them as fellow soldiers.

India immediately called for the safe return of the pilot, and said it “strongly objected to Pakistan’s vulgar display of an injured personnel of the Indian Air Force in violation of all norms of international humanitarian law.”

Wing Commander Abhinandan was piloting a MiG-21 fighter jet at the time of the dogfight.

The pilot was immediately taken for medical evaluation once he was handed over to Indian officials, no word on any results of that yet.

Indian/Pakistani fighting continues to occur at the Line of Control, with reports of the Indian Army using 155mm shelling against targets in Pakistan. Injuries have been reported on both sides, however significant injury numbers on the Pakistani side are being reported as well.

Injury numbers on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control in the city of Kotli are increasing rapidly (Natsecjeff) and hospitals are urging people to donate O-negative blood to the hospital due to shortage of blood. Injuries increasing by the hour.

It was rather calm while the Indian pilot was under Pakistani custody but it seems India was just waiting for the return of the pilot before they went through with anymore cross Line of Control shelling.

Only time will tell how this crisis escalates, and if there will be any attempt to de-escalate the matter.

“Featured Image” is of a downed Indian Air Force jet in the Budgam district, approx. 30kms from Srinagar.

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