Israel reveals their new bunker buster missile named ‘Rocks’

The Israeli Defense Force unveiled their new bunker buster missile named ‘Rocks’. The Rocks bunker buster missile is an air-to-surface missile that can be fired from a significant range, which will reduce the chance of air defenses spotting the aircraft.

The Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will reveal this new air-to-surface bunker buster missile at the Aero India Air Show in Bangalore, India for the first time this week.

A statement from an official with Rafael states the missile is equipped a penetration or blast fragmentation warhead capable of destroying targets that are above the surface or underground in areas that are protected heavily by surface-to-air interceptors.

The Rocks missile will be fired from a significant distance which a Rafael spokesperson claims is “far beyond the usual coverage areas” of enemy air defense systems. It’ll perform a high velocity trajectory as it heads towards its target which could improve the chance of hitting the target.

Another interesting and handy feature of the Rocks missile is it’s capable of operating even if it’s GPS is being jammed, something that’ll for sure be put to the test and something that I’m sure the Israeli Air Force greatly appreciates.

Anna Ahronheim and Eytan Halon with the Jerusalem Post get credit for the majority of the information gathered above, great works guys.

“Featured Image” is of the Rocks missile equipped on a F-16 fighter jet and the source is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

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