Israel strikes Iranian Quds positions in Syria

The Israeli Defense Force struck numerous locations inside of Syria earlier this evening, their strikes were six Syrian Air Defense locations hit, and 4 Iranian Quds positions.

The Israeli Air Force chose the air defense positions because the Syrian Air Defense unit was actively firing projectiles towards Israeli jets that were striking locations. In a video released by the Israeli Air Force you can see projectiles actively being fired from their launchers, and you can then see the Israeli jets strike the launchers.

The details surrounding the Iranian Quds positions appear to be scarce at the moment, we know for sure though that the Iranian Quds Force in Syria were struck four times. The Israeli Defense Force originally confirmed their strikes on the Iranian positions in a rare Twitter statement.

The IDF twitter page released a statement confirming the reports of Israeli strikes occurring in Syria, something that’s rather uncommon.

In a release by Sputnik, they claim that Syrian Military sources confirmed to them that four Syrian military members were killed in these strikes, no word on any other injuries though, or who exactly these Syrians were with.

All of this comes as a response to a projectile fired towards Israel earlier in the day, this was done as a response to a rather minor Israeli Air Force strike in Al-Kiswah earlier that day. The Israeli Air Force activated their air defenses as a response to this projectile (believed to be a S-300 missile). In a video you can see people recording the interceptor missile in the air.

The projectiles were fired towards the Mount Hermon ski site inside of northern Israel, which is currently closed due to the ongoing tensions.

The Israeli Defense Force did warn Syria against responding to their attacks, and it appears Syria took their warnings and decided against responding, despite reports of Israeli Iron Dome systems active in the Golan Heights (later confirmed false).

Iran has also been quiet in this situation, no response from them as of right now.

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