Israeli retaliation, a brief rundown

What prompted this?

Early Monday morning in Israel, rocket sirens sounded for the Tel Aviv region. Hamas shot a J-80 rocket from the Gaza Strip at around 5:20 that morning. It struck a home in the Sharon region. Seven injuries were reported including very young children, and four dogs were killed from this incident.

Israel’s ambulance service stated they treated seven people overall, two women who had moderate injuries, two children and an infant had minor injuries. The Israeli Defense Force directly blamed Hamas for the rocket firing, also further stating they’d deploy two brigades and infantry units to the southern area of Israel, near the Gaza Strip. Israel also called up members from the IDF reserves.

How has Israel retaliated?

It wasn’t immediate that Israel struck, it actually took Israel quite some time to gather information on targets to fire at, presumably because PM Netanyahu was in the United States meeting with the President at the time of the incident.

Just before the Israeli Defense Force began their strikes inside of the Gaza Strip, Hamas vowed that Israel would “pay a high price” for any military action inside of the Gaza Strip. Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated Israel will face a cost that exceeds its estimates if it commits any “foolishness”.

In anticipation of strikes, the Gaza factions evacuated all of their outposts, headquarters and bases inside of the Gaza Strip while the Joint Operations Room released a statement that “all of Israel” would be targeted by “resistance fire” is the Israeli Defense Force carried out strikes.

The Israeli Defense Force began striking targets inside of the Gaza Strip at around 11:45 AM EST or about 5:45 PM in Israel. Initial strikes were carried out by an Israeli Air Force Apache, that fired three missiles at a Hamas naval position along the Mediterranean Sea.

The Israeli Defense Force carried out numerous strikes after that, including a strike on the office of the Political leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh. Israeli drones then carried out a “roof knock” strike on one of his mansions in the Gaza Strip, the leader was not injured in either strike, however his office building was completely flattened.

A ceasefire was reportedly brokered by Egyptian mediation personnel, however the ceasefire lasted approximately 17 minutes before it was broken.

Projectiles were fired in varying amounts towards Israel via the Gaza Strip, with a large number of them being intercepted. Retaliatory rocket fire was confined to southern Israel. Central Israel was left untouched by the rocket fire. Sderot appears to be the hardest hit area, with rocket alerts continuing for the region as of typing this.

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“Featured Image” is from the Israeli Defense Force Twitter page showing a Hamas site they targeted in an airstrike.

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