Large explosion at Iranian ammo depot in Hama

Mid afternoon on Sunday 4/29/18 reports filled in quickly of a “extremely large” explosion at an Iranian ammo depot in Hama. It was a while till we began hearing information regarding what the hell was going on. Quickly, lots of rumored intelligence came in as per expected. I sifted through some of the information and where we stand now is we’re still not 100% sure where these strikes came from. It’s assumed that the United States wasn’t directly responsible for these strikes considering there was zero reaction from the United States in terms of official responses. But, lots of people are pinning the blame on Israel for being responsible for this. Syrian State Media is claiming the explosion was the result of a fire within the bunker but it’s quite obvious they’re trying to turn around the incident to prevent any country from taking responsibility. It’s assumed the fatality count is somewhere in the 40-50 range and the wounded I’m sure is drastically higher than that. It’s being passed around twitterverse that a tool called a “Bunker Buster”, this tool is commonly used as a way to damage the interior of bunkers, hence the name bunker buster. In the end the explosion was quite large, triggering approximately a 2.6 magnitude earthquake around 5 miles away from the original explosion. It’s also rumored there was a strike not far from the original strike at the Iran weapons cache at a fire station, it’s thought this was done to prevent a response from the firefighters to put the fire out, although this is not confirmed and there’s a large chance it’s false. Also, do not believe a single thing that Hal Turner tells you, this was not a tactical nuke nor is Russia preparing a response via military force. I’ll be posting updates as I get them on my Twitter page @IntelDoge


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