North Korea test launches numerous short range missiles

At 9:06 AM, North Korea launched numerous short range missiles from the port city of Wonsan towards the East Sea.

It remains unknown which kind of missile was tested, but some theories are that it could’ve been a never before seen missile that North Korea is testing for the first time. Also, as @chadocl on Twitter has stated, it very well could be a Hwasong-11 / KN-02 missile launched. North Korea has tested this missile from the Hodo Peninsula nine times, and the missile has a range that fits within the given range of the missile launched which is between 70-100kms (edited from 120kms to 100kms, thanks @ZaesEQ2 for letting me know they revised it)

It’s been 522 days since North Korea has tested a missile, that streak has now come to an end.

The Republic of Korea and the United States along with Japan are closely monitoring the situation, and the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff have released the following statement – “Our military has been closely watching North Korea’s movements and has maintained a full-fledged posture in close coordination with the U.S., ” (HT Steve Herman)

Featured Image shows the projected range of the North Korean missile, anywhere within the circle is where the rocket could have went. Props to @IntelCrab for throwing the image together.

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