Operation “Northern Shield” underway in Israel (IDF)

The Israeli Defense Force has begun an operation in northern Israel, along the border of Lebanon and Israel. Since the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, residents living along those areas mentioned above, have reported hearing suspicious sounds of digging in certain areas, many times just being panic and resulting in false alarms, however since then the Israeli Defense Force has discovered tunnels belonging to Hezbollah, and has worked to get rid of them.

Now, we’re officially seeing the start of the operation being dubbed operation “Northern Shield”, which will hopefully completely eradicate all of the tunnels that’re being used by Hezbollah to try and infiltrate into northern Israel via the Lebanon-Israel border. It’s not known how Israel will be conducting this operation, and details will be scarce, as security officials have been instructed not to talk to media regarding the operation.

It’s expected that the Israeli operation will last several weeks, areas in northern Israel will be closed and will be an active military zone, and the Israeli Defense Force is sending their special forces and reinforcements to the border, fearing retaliation from Hezbollah against Israel in the region.
(IsraelBreaking on Twitter)

I’m also watching news coming out as this current situation unfolds, please keep posted throughout Twitter to get your updates as they come out. Thank you! 

“Featured Image” is an example of a tunnel that’s used in Gaza to tunnel into Israel used by Hamas and other militant factions inside of Gaza. Original source appears to be invisible-dog.com, but if you’re the original source of the picture and can provide proof, let me know.

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