Quit falling for fake news

It blows my mind that here we are, sitting in 2019, and there’s people that are still falling for incredibly false news reports. Hal Turner is the topic of today’s post, and if you’re not familiar with who this man is, I’m going to explain everything as briefly and as detailed as possible.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who enjoys getting into drama, I don’t care for it. But, it’s really frustrating to see people like Hal Turner take advantage of people, simply by getting them to believe things that genuinely aren’t true. 

Who is Hal Turner?

Well I’m glad you asked.. “Hal from North Bergen” is a alt-right American political commentator, but most of us on Twitter just refer to him as the #1 fear propagator. Mr. Turner sometimes broadcasts over shortwave radio on The Hal Turner Show, but most of the time he takes up posting fake news on his blog, which we’ll dive into shortly.

Hal Turner was known for many years as being a paid informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it’s known that he was responsible for giving the FBI information about alt-right groups in the United States, helping federal agents by giving them information about these different groups. In ’08, unidentified hackers on Turner’s website, claimed that they read emails between Turner and an FBI agent, suspected to be his handler. Once this information had come out, Turner announced that he’d be quitting political work, ending his radio show, and separating from the “pro-White” movement. On July 28th, 2009 in a Chicago courtroom, Turner’s defense lawyer stated that he was a paid informant for the FBI. However, the FBI has declined to comment on the situation. The Record (Bergen newspaper) did some research into all of this, and confirmed that he was involved with the FBI. Information given to the feds assisted in numerous arrests of people belonging to the alt-right group Hutaree.

Hal had made a brief return to the world of radio broadcasting for a while, restarting his broadcasts on his two hour “The Hal Turner” show. In 2015 for a time, he was promoting another broadcast over Superstation 95, which is a pirate radio station based in the New York City region.

Does Hal Turner sound familiar to you?

Perhaps, you’re sitting here reading this, and you’re thinking to yourself.. “Man, this guy’s name sounds really familiar”. Well, perhaps you’re remembering Hal Turner from the early-mid 2000s, when he was really achieving popularity. In December of 2006 and January of 2007, people who identified with the hacker group “Anonymous” carried out a DDOS attack on Hal’s website, which costs him thousands of dollars in bandwidth bills. On January 19th, 2007 Hal sued 4chan, eBaum’s World (wow isn’t that a throwback), 7chan, the Abjects IRC network and other websites for “copyright infringement”, this was known as Harold C. “Hal” Turner v 4chan.org et al, all the details of this lawsuit will be included here.

On January 22nd, 2007, Hal had lost his plea for an injunction. February of 2007 was when 4chan officially responded to the lawsuit. April 2007 is when the judge asked for the parties to submit information to schedule court proceedings, everyone turned their information in, except for Hal. The judge dismissed the lawsuit on December of 2007.

In 2005, Hal Turner publicized the names of three federal level court judges who handled the lawsuits involving Matt Hale, who neo-Nazi, white supremacist who was convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Hal posted the names of the judges, and address on his website. On December 6th, 2006 Hal Turner posted the following to his website. 

We may have to ASSASSINATE some of the people you elect on Nov. 7! This could be your LAST ELECTION CHANCE, to save this Republic … Sorry to have to be so blunt, but the country is in mortal danger from our present government and our liberty is already near dead because of this government. If you are too stupid to turn things around with your vote, there are people out here like me who are willing to turn things around with guns, force and violence. We hope our method does not become necessary

On April 4th of 2008, Hal Turner called for violence against a Lexington, Massachusetts school superintendent, citing that it was being done to defend the health and safety of school children being endangered through the superintendents “politically-correct indoctrination into deadly, disease-ridden sodomite lifestyles” stating the following.. 

I advocate parents using FORCE AND VIOLENCE against Superintendent Paul B. Ash as a method of defending the health and safety of school children presently being endangered through his politcally correct indoctrination into deadly, disease-ridden sodomite lifestyles

Hal then went on to post Ash’s personal information which included his birth date, address, phone number and other things. Just 14 months later, Hal posted something else on his blog.

Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty. A small price to pay to assure freedom for millions.

On June 3rd, 2009, Hal Turner was arrested in New Jersey and was charged with inciting injury to two politicians in Connecticut, and a state ethics official. Information from the warrant states that it was issued for Hal encouraging his readers to “take up arms” against the officials. Just 2 weeks later, following this incident, Hal was arrested again, at the same New Jersey home, for making threats towards judges apart of the US Court of Appeals in Chicago. When Hal was arrested the FBI discovered 200 rounds of ammunition, three handguns, and one shotgun. 

On June 30th, 2009, Hal’s website was shut down, and there was a notice on the front page stating that the website was taken down by the family of Hal Turner, and told people that if they’re interested, they can visit a blog for the Family of Hal Turner, which had entries written in it by his mother. Family of Hal Turner can be viewed here.

July 28th, 2009 – in the case of US v Turner which took place in Chicago. Hal Turner plead not guilty to threatening to kill three federal level appellate judges, and then sought his release from custody, stating that he’d been an informant for the FBI. The judge gave Hal 10 days to produce concrete enough evidence of his help to the FBI or other federal judges. August 11th, Turner was once again denied bail. The judge for the case stated that Hal, from his prison cell, recorded and posted a phone conversation he had that included the names of the FBI agents that had arrested him.

In late October of 2009 Hal Turner was freed on a $500,000 bond and was ordered not to use a computer, or any device capable of accessing the internet. Hal’s trial began on November 30th, 2009 and ended on December 4th, 2009, with the defense not opting to call any witnesses to testify. Following numerous mistrials, and deadlocks, and a quick fast forward all the way to August of 2010, after three days of testimony, the jury found Hal Turner guilty, and on the 21st of December in 2010, he was sentenced to thirty three months in prison. Once Hal had completed his sentence, he was barred from participating in internet, or satellite radio programming for at least three years.

In the middle of Hal’s time that he’d spent in jail, his wife filed for divorce, and he declared bankruptcy. Also, Hal had sent letters to The Jersey Journal stating that he had feared for his life, stating that he was one of 38 people housed in the Communication Management Unit in Terre Haute prison, with terrorists like John Walker Lindh.

Turner’s many cases of false news

Hal Turner has had plenty of cases where he’s been responsible for spreading fake news, doom porn, propaganda(?), and just down right wrong things. It’s a lot to put in here, so I’ve created an image album filled with some of the headlines we’ve seen from Hal Turner over the recent couple months, years, what have you. Image album

First pic is from just recently, where Hal claims that the incident in New Jersey at a chemical plant might’ve been an Iranian terror attack “intended to kill thousands”. First, this was a physical problem with the chemical plant, nothing related to cyber warfare. Second, why the incredibly sensationalist wording? It’s obvious what his goal was here. I’ve included another picture from the post which has in RED LETTERS that authorities were “quietly saying the fire was no accident and are looking at whether or not Iran or its proxies intended to cause a massive release of chlorine gas to murder tens-of-thousands in southern New Jersey and New York City” which is completely false, and intended to cause panic within the uninformed.

2nd picture shows tanks on the move in CALIFORNIA.. for TRAINING.. at a MILITARY BASE.. but in Hal’s post, he claims they’re heading for ports, so they can be transported for you guessed it.. Iran. There’s NO evidence these were moving for ports to be transported out to the Middle East for Iran, none at all. It’s 100% for training purposes, which frequently take place actually in that exact area. Hal then claims that because of the paint, that means for sure they’re being sent to the Middle East. Which, these tanks are actually training in a desert environment, so I’m sure the desert style camo helps a lot in that specific training.

3rd picture shows a post by him recently as well with some very obvious sensationalist wording, including lots of intense words, and him stressing the “SONIC BOOMS EVERYWHERE!”. It’s all intended to make the reader think something major is happening, when really it isn’t THAT big of a deal. In the picture following that you can see Hal in red letters has that Israeli jets were being fired upon, which just simply isn’t true, they were trying to down projectiles being fired by Israel, they weren’t trying to down Israeli jets. 

4th pic is just from today, which talks about the US Embassy in Baghdad. The US Embassy had a singular rocket land NEAR IT, a SINGULAR ROCKET. However, in Hal’s post he claims that the embassy was under HEAVY MORTAR FIRE. Which, isn’t true. Also, you can see again how Hal uses the red letters and the intense wording with the intent to deceive the reader.

5th and final post I selected was him talking about the US asking Israel to keep out of any conflict in the region, and how that’s an obvious sign that we’re heading to war. First, I don’t recall the United States ever asking this of Israel, if they did I’d encourage one of you guys or girls to share that information with me. Second, how is that an obvious sign we’re heading to war? If that’s the case, and the US did ask that, I’m sure there’s reasons, just like how the US asked the Pentagon to prepare possible military action. It doesn’t mean that the US is for sure heading for a war, just simply means that if a war were to break out in the region, that the US would like Israel to remain quiet and would like them to handle it themselves.

What should you do?

Well, I’m not asking you to do anything. I’m sure most if not all of you are more than capable of making decisions for yourself, certainly you don’t need a seventeen year old from Pennsylvania to do that for you. What I’m saying is that you should take all of the things I mentioned into account, and realize what you’re reading from Hal is either most likely not true, is meant to deceive you, and make you think something major is going to break out, or is simply just a fake news post, with the intent once again, to deceive the reader. This is what Hal does, this is what Hal has ALWAYS done, and you need to keep that in mind whenever you’re reading a post by him. Thank you, Intel Doge.


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