The Israeli Air Force strikes 2 Hamas tunnels in Gaza

The Israeli Air Force has struck two Hamas ran tunnels/underground bases inside of the Gaza Strip as a response to the rocket fire earlier today.

As a response to the Israeli strikes, numerous factions have said a lot, but haven’t necessarily done a lot. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has promised the destruction of Israeli communities near the Gaza border, stating that they will make them uninhabitable and completely unlivable.

The Israeli Defense Force has moved Iron Dome ground-to-air missiles to the Beersheba region as possible preparation for rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. The Beersheba region has been struck before, and the Israeli Defense Force has been heavily criticized for not having enough Iron Dome batteries in this region.

The Israeli Homefront Command has not posted any restrictions for Israeli citizens living near the Gaza border which in my opinion is interesting. Personally I see no situation where rockets aren’t fired into Israel, considering how strongly Israel responded via airstrikes.

I’ll be keeping my eyes on this situation, as I’m typing this everything appears to be fairly calm, but it’s Israel, anything can happen at any time.

The “featured image” is not showing the strikes that have occurred today, but is just a stock image.

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