United States launches strike in Syria

Image of a missile interception.


At about 9 PM EST everyone on Twitter had received news of a important announcement from the President of the United States. It was only a few minutes later that everyone had read that Vice President Michael Pence was rushed immediately to his motorcade and then rushed to his hotel in Peru. Shortly after that, the United Kingdom Prime Minister was spotted leaving Downing Street at approximately 1 AM local time. So, of course the general assumption was that the United States was issuing their strike in Syria. I was watching NBC on DirectvNow at the time awaiting the breaking news interruption, it was almost perfect but at 9:01 PM regular TV was interrupted and the President came on and started his announcement. It was a fairly simple announcement and didn’t last long, the President stated that he was not going to let the Assad regime get away with their chemical weapons attacks on their own citizens. He announced that with the help of the United Kingdom and France the United States was authorized to launch strikes into the Syrian area. It was only about 5 minutes after he announced this was authorized that the reports of strikes were occurring in Syria. It seemed that the strikes lasted approximately 1 hr and 9 minutes and the targets that the US, UK and France had came up with were successfully destroyed. It was two storage facilities and the Barzah Research Facility. It seems as if these targets were successfully destroyed and the operation was carried out flawlessly. It’s believed that the United States launched about 120 tomahawk missiles from the Red Sea, the Northern Arabian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. Then, via the air there were 2 B-1 Bombers brought in and they dropped 19 joint air to surface standoff missiles. Now, the United Kingdom flew in a combination of Tornado and Typhoon jets and dropped 8 of their Storm Shadow missiles. The French flew in a combination of Rafales and Mirages and dropped 9 of their SCALP missiles. It’s still yet to be confirmed how many of these missiles were destroyed by Syrian Air Defense assets but the general assumption is they were able to take out about twenty of the tomahawk missiles. In the end there’s been a lot of success with these attacks and the original targets were taken out properly. For more updates please visit my Twitter page @inteldoge

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