US Air Force flying jets over Persian Gulf to deter Iran

The US Air Force recently has launched F-15s, F-35s and B-52s from bases in the Middle East to fly an air patrol over the Persian Gulf as tensions between the United States and Iran climb even higher.

In a report coming from Barbara Starr w/ CNN, she mentions that these aircraft would be flying over the Persian Gulf in an attempt by the United States to deliver a deterrence message to Iran, letting them know that the US has strong military presence, even in the Middle East.

The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln recently completed it’s transport through the Red Sea and the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which is apart of it’s deployment to the CENTCOM region to further show military might to Iran, according to a US official. The ship is now just south of Yemen.

“Sabotage” in the Strait of Hormuz

Just recently the United Arab Emirates government confirmed an act of sabotage was carried out in the Strait of Hormuz against two civilian ships. The UAE government hasn’t accused any country or group of being responsible for this so far, as the investigation is still under way. The UAE government has also formally requested assistance from the US government in investigating the incident.

Thanks WDW from Crustacean Nation for assisting me in finding this tweet!

The UAE Government noted how close the incident was from Iran in one of their statements, stating how the incident took place “only 115kms from Iran”, however like I mentioned, no country or group has been accused, or has taken responsibility for the incident.

“Featured Image” shows the USS Abraham Lincoln maneuvering through the Suez Canal

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